Sunday, June 12, 2011


One sunny evening while i was playing tennis in KMS,i ran to catch the ball.suddenly i sprained my ankle.ouch!i fell down in front of the guys there.waaaa!pain + ashamed-.-
i mumbled to myself.'haish,that leg again'.actually when i was little,i fell in a drain in my leg was damnly was the worst injury i had in my entire life.i still remember how loud i screamed in rumah nenek while nenek massaging my ankle.malu.malu.malu.huuu~since that,i can't run again.when i'm running the possibility for the leg to injure is high.hmm.sad news for me:(and this's not the first time i sprained
my leg.masa kt school pun dah bnyk kali.i stubborn am i.if i don't run,i will have a big fat ass,i go to nenek's house.she was just finishing massaging my ankle again.haiyaa.sakit.nenek said my ankle dah masuk angin cz dh biakn lama.what on earth is 'masuk angin'-.-.whatever lah.but in conclusion mmg sakit when nenek urut.rasa nk pengsan:(nenek pesan.don't run lg.careful when you're playing cz my leg could be worser:'(right now,i feel a lot better.i can walk properly:)Alhamdulillah..


Today i decided to delete the daisypath in this blog.For 10 month,2 weeks,5 days we've been together.that's it.we ended this relationship.
Dear You,
             i'm sorry for everything.for what i've done to you.for making you sad in the mean time we were together.i'm doesn't mean i'm happy to be apart from you.but i think it is the best solution.i hope both of us moving on and start a new chapter of the life.i will not forget the bittersweet memory we've been through.the pain and the happiness are equal together:)try to move on dear coz i'm not the one who can make you happy and put all your might ask why.but i think you know it.i'm sorry again.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

new fb

Today i made my new facebook account.aha!i forgot my old fb account password.crap!blame the exam.hahaha*evil*evil*>;)so.all my dearest friends.please3!add me.x lrt pulak nk add one by one.thanks!

okeyh.story for today.
i went back home this morning.YAY!sem break!
saya akn meronggeng sebnyk yg mungkin b4 masuk college.ahaha!
i wish i can.but mama had assigned me with a lot of housework.DEAD MEAT-.-'
wat to do.she's my mama:)i love you mom!
gdnyte all:)