Thursday, October 28, 2010


saya sayang elya!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010


I love vectors because of this factor..
            (4i + 4j)

just gonna stand there 
and watch me burn
well that's alright
because i like the way it
just gonna stand there
and hear me cry
well that's alright
because i like the way you lie
i like the way you lie..

p/s:i really care bout you and i hope u're not giving up:'(

Sunday, October 24, 2010

calm morning...

As i opened my eyes to get up from my bed
i felt laziness surrounding the atmosphere in my room..
I felt the coldness in the air as the rain pour so silently..
I pulled my blanket through all over my body
n try to sleep again..
but i cannot..then..
i woke up and make a move to the balcony door and opened it..
till now i can feel the soft wind n the thin drops of the rain bouncing off my face..
so calm and fresh..mmm..
i closed my eyes and let the wind blew my hair..
i remembered all the persons that i really love..
hmm..i remembered all the warmness of love that they had given me..
a tear dropped from my eye..
all i wanted to say was something genuine..
i love you..
thank you<3
p/s:i'm not a good writer:)
With Love,

Friday, October 22, 2010

the last song

..i just watched this amazing movie..
..the last song..
..some pieces of  remarkable words i got from the movie..
Love is fragile
and we're not always its best caretakers
we just muddle through and do the best we can 
and hope this fragile thing survives against all odds..
..this movie is not just all about the love between some teenage boys and girls but it's more to love towards family..
..i'm touch..
they r just too sweet..aha!

good night peeps!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

no title..

hello blog and readers:)
actually,tonight i'm not perfectly fine..hmm..headache ohh..but my desire of writing this post more than anything else*angkat kening*:)recently so many things had happened to me..some happy things..n vice versa..btw,i wanna say sorry to all my friends especially to Tasya n Danny..sory lah korang..aku x dpt follow korang pegi Paramore concert tu even though korang dh dptkn tiket(aku tau ticket tu free)...bhahahaha!thanks a lot korang..nnty next concert,maybe aku pegi,there were piles of homework..omaigod!>.<'..adoi..math,phy,chem,,i just spend my time doing all the homeworks instead of sleeping-.-'..aha!i'm good an?an?an?=P

Part 2
A person who spreads stories to get an attention of others after she saw anything which is none of her business is a big L..i repeat..BIG L..get me?hey bitch,don't think i don't know bout it lah..aku x cari pasal kat kau kan?so,sile la blah or kalau still x nk blah..see me face to face n ckap ape yang kau x puas hati sgt*i feel like slapping you right now*..woops!shut up jaja..

part 3..

this is beautiful:)
mama..can you buy me this dress for this year prom?*wink*wink*;)*ngade2 tone*
p/s:u mean nothing to,back off..

Saturday, October 16, 2010


You are the best thing dat ever happened to me..

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

You're one of a kind..

suddenly,in IELTS class a while ago i found this courage sayings..
it makes me feel a bit better from my SICK LOW SELF-ESTEEM
Move away from the need to compare yourself to others and you will move rapidly toward higher levels of effectiveness and fulfillment.

Many of the things you see as limitations and deficiencies in your own life are not really limitations at all.They've created in your imagination when you compare yourself to others.

Don't waste your time focusing on what other have that you don't have.Instead,put your time and energy into making the most of the unique and valuable knowledge,skills and resources that you have available to you.

Don't allow your energy to be drained away by worrying about what others will think.Simply be your authentic best and keep in mind that what anyone else thinks about you is not your concern.

It's great when you can learn from others,find joy in being with others and corporate with others to achieve mutually beneficial results.Just don't allow your life become bogged down by constantly comparing its details with the lives of these around you.

You're one of a kind.The more completely you celebrate and fulfill that reality,the more satisfying and rewarding life will be...;)

~by Ralph Marston~ 
This sayings might be too long and boring..but it opens my eyes..
n the people with low self-esteem like me should read this..
Thank You

Saturday, October 2, 2010

cleaning day=)

helllo blog n readers;)
it's been a long time i didn't update this blog..
dh b'habuk2,today is a CLEANING DAY..
in this post i wanna tell bout recent things happened to me..

date with my beloved izz..we were going to TS..i had a great day syg:)ILYSM<3

2.last week i got my mid-sem exam result..aha!not really good..BOOOO!but,it's just the starting...i learn from my mistakes..=)

3.everynight during last week,i argued with izz-.-'..adoi..plz understand me honey..i'm not ignoring you baby..understand the circumtances syg..

4.i'm addicted to vono's chicken n mushroom soup..hohoho!it's delicious peeps!give it a try..haha..

5.hmm..i wanna say i'm sorry to Alfa Fitry..sorry babe i couldn't make it to ur open house='(..we meet next time eh..not to forget Elya juga..sorry x dpt pegi ur bro's engagement ceremony..huuu~

6.last night izz made me cry..then,he made me amour,u're such a puzzle..but,i love to talk to u even though the topic is about arguement:)

p/s:sorry no photo snap for this post..
hugs n kisses,