Monday, August 23, 2010

seeking for a little sincerity....

Life's Too Short
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it happened today..n i finally burst in crying..
act,,my truly confession..i can't find my heart to bring in this reflects everything dat i wanna run away's jz the same..the invironment n everything..i can't keep moving on like this..hmm..
but i knoe my parents will nvr let me go from this place..they love me soooo much..n they knoe this place can make me a successful girl one day..same like in SEMASHUR..i hold on about 5 years..
but,,i belive there's a blessing in disguise n everything happens for reasons..
from day to day i learn to accept this college..
keep my patient in its balance..
n everyday in my prayer i pray 
for my patient,
for my heart,
for a little sincerity,
for not letting my parents down by going out from this college,
for my study,
for everyone dat i love,
for my future..
i wanna say thankx to all the persons who give me full of their support towards me to stay in here until this far..
thankx again=)

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p/s:i can't stop crying..
goodnyte peeps((: