Monday, September 20, 2010

don't you notice?

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i text him after a long day without talking to each other..
him:haah..jgn kacau kayh.thanks;)
i finally burst into crying like yesterday)':
ok..slame nie i kacao u..
n i won't disturb u anymore..
i promise..


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i love so much about u dat it's hard to pick just a couple of things out..i love the way u laugh..i love the way you smile..i even like it when you make me mad and i don't know why..i love how when u upset me,u try so hard to make it better..i'm so in love with u dat i don't go one minute without thinking of u and wishing i was with u know i feel like hell if i don't receive a single text from u for a day?i love to look at u..n i'm so mad of myself bcoz i can't give u a single glance to look at u in class..n why?idk)':i sorry..i know u might fear my i'm telling u to not fear it,but have it..u've truly turned me into myself..b4 u,nobody allowed me to be me..u've allowed me to open up my heart and trust again..u've allowed me to smile and be happy again:)thank you..i hope we'll be forever..

p/s:my life's is long way to go..but u can shortened it by leaving me..IMYSM)':

hugs n kisses,


hey dear peeps!:)with full of honour i nk isytiharkn bahawa i dh deactivate my fb acc since last sunday..anda tao itu fb..fb is FACEBOOK-.-'..pelik la kalau x de org tau..HAHA!so,kwn2..berhentilah menelefon saye since smalam just nk tnye psl fb saye..aduhai..penat nk terangkn kt korang satu2..saye tau korang t'amat lah caring..THAnk YOu=))i deactivate pon sbb nk hilang di mate dunie skejap..ececece..*ayt x boleh belaaa*coz rmai sgt die hard fans i kat lua n di mne2 sahaje*gedik*haih..menyampah betol:|..ok..thank you paparazzi yg kurang diiktiraf tu..ohh..don't worry lahh paparazzi..u all still ade medium lg nk stalk aku:)i'm still writing my blog kesayangan nie haa..get me?

to my best friend shaz:i rindu kt you lahh gila!:)
p/s:kecoh kn aku:D