Saturday, September 18, 2010

budak2 zaman skarang..

this image was created  by my darling cousin..ngee~

hasil kreatif Farrah Aina..

p/s:those who age 15 and below are not recomanded to read this..ahahaha!=P

thank you peeps!

rumah terbuka

well,first of all i wanna say thanks to all my friends especially Alya Iman n Elya..yestesday was fun!n not to forget my love Ahmad Izz Eizaz..muah3!=P..thanks for being my driver..hehe..ok..act yesterday i went to iman's open house..=)..i took the train from UKM to Bandar Tasek Selantan..then izz pick me up from there..izz was late-.-..but nvr mind then..ILYSM!<3..hehe..sengal je..after dat we went to elya's house to pick her up..cett!sesat..we couldn't find her home ponn..but after half an hour pusing2 baru dpt jmpe dye..izz x abes2 perli i..haa..sape suroh x igt location rumah elya even though dh penah pegi..syg..i pegi naek how would i know her home location...haha..nvr mind then..when elya got into the car..keriangan bermule..wawawawa~u cherish the car elya((:*wink*wink*we arrived at iman's house at about 4.30 pm..agak awl..kesian izz..mse kteorg dtg tu dye sorang je male guest..act,,guys x dtg lg..we had a lot of fun today!ta-da!

p/s:i don't mind if you pull me closer syg((:
with love,