Friday, June 25, 2010


first of all,let me get something straight,,

today is a good day for me..*wink*wink*
cold day as the rain pour,no more stomach ache..grrr!i had it yesterday..ciss!
so,,i'm in the mood of tulis blog laa..=D
msti korunk hapy an an?dpt bace blog ak..waka waka!prasan plak i..
i mmg gedik pon,,ad prob??=P

so today i want to crite la ckit2 bout changed dat i've made in my kehidupan..
hmm..klu nk difikirkn balik la kn in dizz blog i tls psl bnde2 yg i bwat je kn..haha..nothing personal..ekekeke!hmm..if u all think i'm going to write down my "feelings" in here or whatever,,blom lg kott(cz dulu my blog pena ad controversy n ad stalker bace diary i)..syiottt!mmg segale BABI BANGANG BULLSHIT la stalker tu..i x kn maafkn dye!fullstop!so just don't  expect me to be all "Dear Diary" this n "Dear Diary" that..

*eh2..jap2..smbung later la tulis..i hal..

ok..i'm back!juz back from the bank..paying the yuran for kolej mara..huih..*tired*tired*
k3..back to our topic 'change'..i want story mory bout my SHAMPOO lah..i've changed my shampoo bcoz
my hair a lil damage ryte now..*sob*sob*sob*='(,,i was kinda jerk bile i pg saloon to change my hair style..

such an ungreatful grin i am!..huhu..skunk da tobat da,,



dizz is the story lah tok org yg x b'syukor..mse ad rmbot cntek cm rebonding nk plak yg perm!geez!
apa rasa??
rse bes je act..but ble i tgok gmba2 lme..t'igt blk hair style lme..nk jd cm nerd blk..,,i'm on it blk rmbot nie..
wish me luck keyh!
p/s:ariff hazwan..nnty saye bace blog awak keyh..