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Saturday, July 24, 2010

hangout lagi=D

mmm..aaaaa..mmmm…haha..x tao nk start mcm!klua laaaa!ok2..let me be straight lah..hari nie I pegi hangout b’same2 dgn elya,sara n mr E..haha..x bole la nk mention name dye kt sini..public..bhahahaha!we arrived at jusco seremban 2 at about 10.30’s the first tyme lah I pg sne..i nvr been there b4*truly confession*..then bile da smpai kt sne,,punye la kteorg blur..x tao nk pegi mne dlu..then,,we decided to draw some money lahh..hehehe..=D..after that,we decided to watch movie..i don’t expect dat mr. E will keep his promise to keep quiet when we were buying the ticket..the first guy yg x argue bout the movie dat I wanna watch..haha..sian kott dye..i nvr tot that yg dye x penah tgok sequel twilight b4..*act we decided to watch eclipse*so,,dgn pasrah nyer dye tgok tnpe knowledge psl sequel2 sblom nie..haha..sory lah mr E eh..i nvr tot plak..=P.lps da abes tgok..kami blur lg..blur. .blur..n tros blur..-.-“..x tao nk pg mne act..then kami pg ke popular..wawawawa..bnyk kott buku fav..nicholas sparks..u’ll always be in my heart..i fell in love with ur writing<3..=)rse cm nk beli I jz control my nafsu bile I beli..maka x bace buku lah saye..(sbb novel tu cm magnet lah)=.=’..lps pg sne..da lunch tyme..blur..blur..blur lg..x tao nk decide nk mkn ape..hadoiiiiiiii..+ ngan rmai org nyer..mmg t’baek slepas b’argue=Pkami pon beli lah McD..haha..2 mggu lps McD..mggu lps McD..mggu nie pon McD gak..i pon da jd cm muke McD..haha..then kteorg pon blk..act,,mknn tu kteorg x mkn kt McD tu cz there was not having enough space 4 us to eat..*rmai org ohh*..kteorg mkn kt playgroud dpn kms tu..ok la an..sejuk E,sory lah sbb jd a lil bit blur mse kt jusco td..u remind me of something I really phobia about..something worst..something dat make me’s okay then..u don’t know anything n it’s jz my conclusion,,I had a great day today=D..thankx elya,sara,mr. E ..

p/s:kejadian yg x disangke2 b’laku..-sara ‘tuang’ popcorn dye ats lantai cenima tu-~mr E t’tumpah McFlurry kt tgn dye mase nk buang bekas McFlurry tu..haha=D