Thursday, September 9, 2010

hypocrite?*shut up*

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hello blog n beloved readers=)

ok..according to the title,u all know dat i'm unhappy n annoyed..
got me?so,the words below pon will be tremendously annoying..
sorry guyz..if x nk bace pon x pe..

i always said to myself "pleaaaaaselah stop pretending.just be who you are"..
ok..the story is..last nyte my boyfiee ckap something to me which is some1 among his
friend said dat i'm hypocite..ok..fine..i's about the way i dress up kt kolej
is truly diff from my homie..Omaigod..Omaigod..let me clear things up..

Dear Mr/Miss I Don't Know,
       Do u know how much i suffer living in KMS which i've to pretend to be some1 else all the time?Do u know how much i don't want to live there?do u know me?if i seorg yg bole ignore all the things yg org ckap,i'll be wat i want to be there..but,if i be want i wanna be
there..i'm sure i'll face a lot of pressure from the 'people' there..but i'm not lah somekind of bitch yg prangai cm B**l***T tu..don't get me,pretending or u said hypocrite huh,is the best solution eventhough it's killing me..*-*..if u don't like me,there's nothing i can,i don't live to please you..thanks=)

hmm..inside,,all the sayings cut me soo deep..i'm tottaly la hurt*weyy..klu nk ckap pon 
bole x ckap straight 2 me lahh..x pyh la gne my boyfiee as a medium*fyi,sometimes i wanna 
cry..T.T..but who on Earth care???i nvr thought dat my college life will be like this..i thought it would be so happy n wonderful..aha!damn!u're wrong:D..ok..the only thing i can do is BE STRONG..2 years je pon*bak kate izz*..haha..right!in conc,susah nk puaskn hati sume org..

ahahaha!watever lahh!

p/s:this is a craps!
with hugs n kisses,
i love u darling readers((: