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Monday, August 16, 2010

stop asking me to smile-.-'

from the last few days i'm suffering from flu n a pretty bad sore throat..i feel so sick as i want to smash all the things in front of me..grrrrr..i feel it until now..n today something pull out all my patient..omaigod!stop asking me to smile can u smile if u feel lyke something 'cucuk2' in ur throat throughout the day?how can u smile if the day u're sick and the teacher said 'this evening we'll have standardise physics test'?tell me how?how can u smile if  u feel like vomitting all the tyme?i don't know why lah,,if i smell something i'll feel i want to 'blow out' n i can't bare to smell even my own can i smile?tell me how?haish-.-'..n today..i f u all see me smile's a fake smile..utk sedapkn hati korang je la eh..after the physics claz tu,i went to my room as immediate as i can..n at last..i vomitted..='( can i smile klu mcm tu?plus,,after dat i took a short nap..n again how can i smile if during i  fall asleep my friend's alarm clock 'screaming' out loud but no one switch it off??!!arghhhh!

p/s:today is an uncomfortable day..
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